Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cheap Frills Goodies :)

Hi guyss,
I decided to treat myself this weekend and made the most of Cheap Frills 20% off offer. My package arrived today which was really quick considering I only ordered this weekend :)
(ps. please ignore my horrific nail, horrible falsies result :( )
I love the packaging it came in, its really cute, with its own little wax stamp :D
And each item came wrapped up in separate little bags with shiny star sequins :)
I loved opening them, I felt like it was my birthday again :) Little presents to myself
We'll you might have seen my silver cat ring from my previous posts :)
I decided to get the gold one too because I love it sooo much

And they go well together :D how cute!
£7 with 20% off, can't grumble at that!
I love this rabbit hat necklace it reminds me off that song by Skee-Lo
"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller....I wish I had a rabbit in a hat..."
I would say it was sooo hard to choose which colour to get
In the end i chose the gold in a red hat :)
£10 + 20% off :)
Finally I brought the pair of Dramatic rings :) :( haha
These only came out this weekend & they are very cute and quirky.
I would say though they are a tiny bit small, considering they are one size.
They are a little tight for my ring finger but a tiny bit big for my little finger :\
I still love them though :)
£10 for the pair +20% off
So all in all had some very nice stuff, I love the packaging and speedy delivery
I would definitely recommend Cheap Frills to you guys :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Purple Aztec

Hi guyss,
I've always wanted to have a go at doing some Aztec nails so I had a bit of a crack at it a while ago :)
I decided to go with purple and gold to match my beautiful shoes that my auntie brought me for my birthday :D
Here's what I used....

 I started with the Barry M lilac foil effect for the base coat.
I really like these foil effects because they dry really quick.
(mine are a little messy cause I was in a hurry)

Here's the pattern...
  • I used the Barry M Gold foil effect to add the strip just below the middle of the nail.
  • I then used the Models Own Nail Art Pen to outline the gold.
  • I added a black zig-zag line towards the tip,
  • and a black filled in like at the bottom,
  • which I added small gold dots to.
They are a tiny bit messy because I was in a hurry to go out.
I like the pattern and the colours though :)
I think I will have a go at this design again at some point
Maybe with some pastel or neon colours for spring/summer :)
Hope you like them :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tropical Stamps

Hi guyss,
Just a quick one today,
I had another crack at stamping on my sisters nail. I decided to do some sponging to just because its really easy and pretty effective :)

Here's what I used...

  • I used the Barry M Yellow for the base coat
    (which like most Barry M paints took several coats)
  • I then sponged on the orange, working from the tip up,
  • Once that had dried I sponged on the pink just at the tip.
  • I used the Barry M black for the stamps,
    however, the watery consistency isn't that great for stamping...
I used three different stamps on this mani,
  • The  palm tree on the ring finger,
  • A large tropical flower on the thumb,
  • And some smaller flowers on the other fingers.
I like the colours and sponging on these but again the stamps did not come out as bold as I hoped.
I really think I am going to have to get some decent stamp varnishes :|
So there we are :)
Hope you like...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Percy Panda

Hi guyss,
I love cute rings so when I saw Accessorize's plastic Percy Panda ring on sale! I snapped it up :) And naturally, I did a mani to match :)
Here's what I used..

  •  I used the Barry M Blue Moon for the base colour
    (which took four coats because its really runny -.-)
  • I used the Models Own Snow White for the pandas,
    painting a small semi oval shape on the tips.
  • Once the white had dried I added the ears, eyes and tiny nose
    using the Models Own Nail Art pen.
  • Once the black had dried I added another white dot for the eyes,
    using a white nail art pen.
  • For the bamboo on the ring finger I used the pale green and yellow together
    to create the shoot.
  • Once that had dried I added the black detail with the Nail Art pen.

I like this mani, its pretty cute :)
I hope you like it

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Paws Up!

Hi guysss,
As I said in my earlier post I went to see Ed Sheeran on Tuesday.
Well my boyfriend brought us some bands from the merch stand and I was looking at them today and I just couldn't resist doing a mani to match :)
I used Barry M Black and Bright Orange....
Half way through doing the orange paws I realised they were upside down -.-
But I carried on just to take some photos for you guys...

This was a really quick mani, it took me about 10 minutes,
granted I did only do the one hand because of them being upside down -.-
I had planned to leave it on as it matched my sequin fox jumper pretty well...
But what can you do :)
Well that's my quick post for today.
Hope you like them :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mmmm Cake

Hi guyss,
:D its my birthday!! So me and the boyfriend went to see Ed Sheeran last night which was rather good :)
An we are going for a meal tonight, then I'll be partying on Saturday! :) And I'm due a shopping spree so I'll have some new things to show you all :)

Now I've bored you with what I've been up to :) here's a cupcake nail art I tried out on my sister....
  • I used Barry M Yellow for the base coat
  • I added a small strip of a pale brown for the base of the cake
  • Then I added dark brown stripes once the paler brown had dried
  • I added the white on top, making it rounded and curved
  • Once the white had dried I added dark brown dots and a small red dot.
  • Finally I added a bit of red glitter on top and covered it with a clear top coat
So guys :) what'cha think?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Cat I'm a Kitty Cat

Hi guyss,
If like everyone else your feeling the January blues, here's one of my favourite YouTube vids to cheer you up :)

Which leads me on nicely to my recent nail art :)
As you may know I had a Cat Ears ring from Cheap Frills, well I thought I'd do a mani to match :)

I used Barry M Grey for the base colour,
my Models Own Nail Art pen for the detail on the thumb and ring finger,
& Models Own Juicy Jules for the other fingers.
This was a really simple and quick mani :)
Hope you like it

Friday, 13 January 2012

Nail Art Stamps #Take 2

Hi guysss,
As you know I've had some nail stamps recently and I've been playing around with them :)
I have been practising on myself and my sisters nails, here's the result....
For my nails I used the Hawaiian type flower on the M72 plate...

I used a Models Own white for the base coat then sponged on the Barry M pink.
I added the zebra detail using my Models Own Nail Art Pen,
and used Barry M black to stamp the flowers.
I really like this mani, defiantly thing I'm going to use this again for the summer.

This second mani was on my sisters nails,
I saw a mermaid tutorial from Copy That Copy Cat and thought I'd have a go, here's what I used...

My mani didn't go as well as the tutorial,
 I added the mermaid stamp from the M72 plate, but it didn't show up as well as it did on the white mani.
Soooo guyss I really need some help on this one....
What is the best nail varnish for stamping?
Cause Barry M just isn't doing it for me.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Attempt - Nail stamps

Hi guyss :)
My nail stamp came in the post this week, and I couldn't wait to give it a go so I just had a quick little practise. Here's how it went...
First I just added any old stamp over Barry M Foil Effect silver... you can't really see alot from the flash :/
but it wasn't too bad considering I've never used them before :)
I used an image from a M72 image plate...

I was going out Friday night so I decided to do quick stamp on my thumb and ring finger, and add a bit of sparkle to the rest using my Models Own glitter :)

I used the Barry M black as a base for all the nails, then i added the Barry M glitter and Models Own Glitter
to all nails apart from the thumb and ring finger...

(I did clean up the mess on them once they had dried but I was tired lol)
I used the Models Own white for the stamp, but it didn't really stand out once I put the clear coat on.
So this was my first attempt, not to bad. I need some practise, good job I live with 3 other females :)
Soo Question Time...
What are the best nail varnishes to use with the stamp plates?
I have lots of Barry M and Models Own, are these any good generally?
And my scraper seems to scratch the plates, is this normal?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year :D

Hi guyyss,
Sorry for the lack of posting, you know how it is between Christmas and New Year :)
Now I'm just about buried in revision, for my Biology exams this month, soo my posts will probably not be as often as usual.
But I just thought I'd share with you a few little things that I've had for Christmas :D....

I had the Models Own glitter collection from my mom and dad :D
& you know how I feel about glitter :D
The Disco Mix (far left) is my fave.

The also brought me a stamp plate, but forgot the stamp so its on order :)
Quick Question..
Does anyone know, can you use normal nail varnish with the stamps?

I had these from my boyfriends mom :) (more glitter :D )
The look like good fun, I can't wait to try them out.

My mom brought me this really nice River Island bag, complete with
I love it, I can only fit my Lush lip balm in there but who cares!

My little sister brought me this cute ring from Cheap Frills which I loveee
I also had some nice make-up set, oh yeah and I now own more Soap & Glory than Boots :)
Me and my mom went shopping with our Christmas money that day after boxing day so I have some nice new outfits I might post when I wear them :) I had some lovely knee high boots, dvds, perfume and a mini fridge :o from the boyfriend :D and our trip to London obviously :)
which reminds me........

I finally got my Spirit Hood :D :D
on the first day I said get out google maps we are going to Ad Hoc London

So all in all I am very blessed this year :D I can't wait to try out all my new nail stuff :D
I am going to be a busy girl this month with exams, and organising my birthday :)
So I'll try my best to keep posting.
But did you all have a good Christmas?
What was your favourite present?
Any new years resolutions? I know I have a few :)