Monday, 28 January 2013

The Charms are Coming, The Charms are Coming!!

Hi guys,

As promised heres an update on the bracelets :)
I've ordered allll the ones I need to get started :) and there are on the way as I type.
A few have a arrived already so I'm super excited to get them going. I've already had family and friends putting in there orders :)

The charms that have arrived so far are silver paws, elephants, tortoise, and fish, aswell as some red tiger print beads and some luminous ones that are very cool!

The luminous ones have to be put in sunlight for them to glow, but when they do, THEY ARE SO COOL! I'm so excited to get these going. I've got lots more stuff on the way, but a lot of it is coming from out of the country, so I'm hoping to have them all but about February half term! Once they are ready you guys will be one of the first to know :D
What do you think so far?