Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cheap Frills Goodies :)

Hi guyss,
I decided to treat myself this weekend and made the most of Cheap Frills 20% off offer. My package arrived today which was really quick considering I only ordered this weekend :)
(ps. please ignore my horrific nail, horrible falsies result :( )
I love the packaging it came in, its really cute, with its own little wax stamp :D
And each item came wrapped up in separate little bags with shiny star sequins :)
I loved opening them, I felt like it was my birthday again :) Little presents to myself
We'll you might have seen my silver cat ring from my previous posts :)
I decided to get the gold one too because I love it sooo much

And they go well together :D how cute!
£7 with 20% off, can't grumble at that!
I love this rabbit hat necklace it reminds me off that song by Skee-Lo
"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller....I wish I had a rabbit in a hat..."
I would say it was sooo hard to choose which colour to get
In the end i chose the gold in a red hat :)
£10 + 20% off :)
Finally I brought the pair of Dramatic rings :) :( haha
These only came out this weekend & they are very cute and quirky.
I would say though they are a tiny bit small, considering they are one size.
They are a little tight for my ring finger but a tiny bit big for my little finger :\
I still love them though :)
£10 for the pair +20% off
So all in all had some very nice stuff, I love the packaging and speedy delivery
I would definitely recommend Cheap Frills to you guys :)

Hope you enjoyed :)


Nail Reflections said...

love the rings!

MissRy said...

Everything is so adorable!