Saturday, 23 February 2013

And They're Up!! eBay a Go-Go!!

Hi guys!

Finally got a couple of bracelets up on eBay! I've just put the two on for a trail run (+ I'm running low on bracelets as all the family have been buying them :D )

This listing is for 10 days, so hopefully after that the rest of my beads and bracelets will have arrived  and I can really get the ball rolling!

Feel free to have a browse :)
All the money for these bracelets is going towards me volunteering at Moholoholo wildlife rehabilitation centre in Africa, where I will be helping to look after orphaned or injured animals. So its all for a good cause!

Please feel free to mention my ebay page on your own blogs as it would really help me out if you spread the word. (I'll do a thank you blog for all of those who do).

Any comments or advice is always appreciated :D

Thursday, 21 February 2013

First Sale! One Step Closer...

Hi guys,

I've sold my first bracelets :D just to family and friends but I'm so excited because it means I'm a little closer to Africa! My two sisters, my nan and my cousin have each brought a bracelet :)

Here are some examples of finished bracelets....

I am waiting for more beads to finish the dog theme and reptile theme bracelet :) because of Chinese new year, the deliveries have slowed down but some smaller bracelets arrived today so hopefully it will pick up again. The smaller ones are more suited for kiddies or people with tiny wrists haha!

The ones with less beads will be a little cheaper. My nan and cousin had double the beads on theirs so they offered to pay the extra which was nice :) All the money for these bracelets will go straight into my Africa fund. As soon as there is a free fees weekend on ebay these little beauties will go up and you guys will be the first to know :)

hope you like them :D

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sea Theme Charms!

Hi guys!

My charms are nearly all here now!! I'm so excited, I've managed to make my first full bracelet :D

Sea Theme!
This is my sea theme bracelet. Its the first one that has all the charms I wanted :) What do you think?
I love it! I can't wait for the rest to come now. I'm going to be selling them for around £5, I've already had family and friends putting there orders in :) My little sister is even buying some to give to her friends as birthday present. The best bit about it is all the money is going to my AFRICA fund!! We are booking up for Moholoholo in March or April, I'm so excited!!

Here's a few pics of the bracelets that aren't quite finished yet...

                Safari Theme                  (Awaiting more coloured beads)                Africa Theme

               Reptile Theme                                                                                Doggie Theme
          (Waiting for colours)                                                   (Waiting for silver dog house and colours)

Soooo what do you think?