Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween - Nail Art

Hi guys :)
Here's a few more Halloween designs I tried out :)
The first one I used a plain black nail varnish for the base coat and added the green drips and the teeth detail this nail art brushes...

My second design is a bit more fun :) I used Barry M Block Orange for the base coat then nail art paints for the stripes, stalk and detail.
I like this cause you can make the face of the pumpkin look however you like. I did mine simple and quick just to practice :) But you can have a lot of fun with the pumpkins :D

So What'cha think?

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Holiday Nails - Halloween

Just a quick one today guys :)
Here's my attempt at some Halloween inspired nails :D Gooooolish :P
(there a little bit messy)

I used a white base coat then the Models Own Nail Art pen, and added the red detail. This was a quick design.
I've just painted my sisters nails for a halloween party so they will be up pretty soon :)
Hope you like :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Goodbye sun!...Some seasonal nail art

Hi! I've neglected my blog recently but I've been a busyy bee :)
So I've got a few nail art designs to show you all :)

First of all, its getting fairly chilly now so I think we can safely say so long sunshine :(
Here's a design I tried out when we had that final bit of summer sun a few weeks ago...

For this design I used a blue No. 7 base colour, then used a variety my nail art paints.
My next design is a quick autumn design :) using three metallic colours (green, gold & red) with black detail. *By the way my nails are a little on the short side at the min, I keep breaking them at work*

And finally heres a fun funky design I tried out on my sister.
I love how this turned out, I was a little bit gutted that I hadn't done it on my own nails ;) haha!
I used the new Barry M instant effects for the base coat, and dotted on various neon colours.
I really like the new Barry M effect, they are really shinny and eye catching. However I would say the title 'foils' is a little misleading I was expecting an effect similar to the Nail Rock nail foils, saying that I still really like them :)
So here we are :) I'm going to be doing a few Halloween designs this space :P
So guys what'cha think?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Accessorize style, Primarni prices!

Hi guys,
Just thought I'd let you in on a few little sneaky bargains I picked up recently. As much as I don't like the hustle and bustle of Primark, and I did once have a pair of tights with one leg longer than the other, but you can't fault them for their jewelery. 
 Animals are massive trend at the moment, especially the woodland critters :) I love it! So I picked up a few pieces that I really like :) All for under a tenner! They are similar to a few pieces that I've seen in some bigger high street stores and online, but were a fraction of the price.

This ring was only £2!
A bargain compared to Accessorize's £7 version.
The panther ring was a nice £2.50

Whereas the Asos ring was £15!
These cute owl earring were £1!!

Cath Kidston's owl earrings are £16! £15 pound saved!
(which will undoubtedly be spent on more accessories)

Finally, my very cute (but very noise) bird cage pendant necklace was £2.50.
Claires' bird cage necklace is £6.50.

So over all I spent £9 pound with a saving off...£35.50!! So it just shows you don't have to break the bank :)
What'cha think?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nail Art Quick Ones

Hi  Guys :)
Just thought I'd show you some of my nail art that I've had a go at this week...
This first one is fairly messy :) just a practice run, I've not tried stripes before. I went for a Paris theme adding the black detail.

This second design was a quick design I applied for the day between work, (because I'm not allowed to wear nail vanish at work). I went for some subtle browns with a little sparkle...
Reminds me of Pocahontas aha!

Here's my last design :) you might remember from my earlier posts...
I used my nail art pens to create this design. 

So guys :) What'cha think?