Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Like Cute? Like Animals? Check this out....

Hi guys!
As you may have read I've been fundraising to go volunteer in Africa! I am hopefully still going to be going, but due to funds I may have to put it on hold for a few years, but when I do go I may be able to stay longer :)
Anyway I'm selling a load of stuff on eBay so if you like cute and animals check it out :D
I'm selling Framed Animal Posters, of some photos that I have taken myself :)
I've got lots of Animal Themed Bracelets....
if you see any you like but want to switch things around such as different beads, coloured bracelets and such, drop me an email, amydavies93@hotmail.com or comment on my facebook group "Amy's Africa Fund", and I should be able to sort it out for you :)

All the money from these sales are going towards my volunteer work, which I will keep you posted on :)
I'm also hoping to make a few arts & crafts type gifts over the summer (when I'm free from Uni work) so expect to see more from me :P
Let me know what you think :)