Friday, 28 March 2014

Vintage florals 🌸

Hi guys,

I'm half way through my end of year exam at university at the moment so I haven't had very much time to blog. 
But after our second exam me and my house mates decided a trip into town was a good way to reward ourselves for making it to the half way mark :) 

We found this super cute vintage shop in chester town center called lily vintage and we must have spent a good hour in there having a root around.

I found a really cute tweed blazer but oh my days it was tiny! I was gutted! It was only £10 too! But instead I found this adorable floral playsuit :D
I love the print on it and it's chunky buttons. The fit is really flattering too considering how tiny everything in the shop was. 

I love it :) and at £22 I don't think that's too bad really. 

I also painted my nails using my models own goodies from the 6for20 deal. 

This time I used magpie and the floral sticky fingers :) I'll say it again, so impressed with these polishes! I've put at top coat over the stickers this time so hopefully they will last a bit longer.

So what do you think? 
Anyone else using a bit of retail therapy to get through exam season?


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