Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Models Own Haul!

Hi guys! 

I don't know if you have seen but models own have a great deal on at the minute with 6 for £20 on their polishes! And with most of them usually costing £5-£6 this means you get two free :) I couldn't pass up on a deal like that. 

They also have two new collections out; sticky fingers and the speckled egg collection. So I was defiantly sold with this offer! 

I purchased the sweet candy and pastel petal sticky fingers polishes, and swan, goose, dove, and magpie from the speckled egg collection. And as with all my models own orders they came super quick. 

I love pastel shades and anything that's a bit different, so the speckled egg collection is right up my street. I'm loving the colours and I was surprised how well they came out, I only used two coats of the dove polish in the picture above. 

The sticky fingers polishes are usually £6 and you get some cute little nail art stickers with your polish. However only certain colours come with different sticker sets, which could be a bummer if you already have the shades in your collection. But I love nail art and these looked pretty quick and easy so I though why not! 

And they are really quick and simple to use BUT my slight OCD almost sent me into a melt down when I opened the sticker sheet to find that there weren't pairs of most of the stickers!! 😫 I must have spent a good 20 minutes looking at them to make sure I was wrong. 

There are some exact pairs, and some similar looking pairs. If you can live with that sort of chaos then you'd love them ;)

My stickers didn't last very long but I didn't use a top coat as suggested (I was home from uni with minimal supplies) but I still really like them. They are ideal for quick and cute nail art which is what I need right now, mid exam season. 

Overall I'm really happy with my little treat to myself :) once again model own have impressed me. 

So what do you think? Did any of you make the most of the 6for20 deal? :) 


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