Thursday, 13 September 2012

Everyone Loves A Freebie!!

Who would say no to a free O.P.I nail varnish? Erm no one!

This is a quick post to share with you my knowledge or the world of freebies!

Merry Hill Westfield are currently running an offer where if you spend £70 or more on fashion you get a free O.P.I (while stocks last ;) )

Without hesitation I accepted the challenge and brought hoodies, leggings and shirts galore! All in preparation for Uni of course :p
(I plan on a haul post soon but I've been busy packing and what not.)

So with all my shopping bags weighing the boyfriend down :p I trotted over to the kiosk, grinning I might add, to retrieve my prize!
Granted there weren't many colour left but I picked out a nice pastel pink (sparrow me the drama). It's verrry nice :) I added Models Own Juicy Jules to my ring finger for a bit of sparkle :)

So if you have saved your pennies for that new bag, or those killer heels, or even some new winter warmers, noes the time to get them, and pick up a free O.P.I polish in the process :D

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Last of The Summer Sun!

What about that sun huh?!
I love love love the sun, I could happily sit in it all day crisping up! And that's just what I did on Monday :) My childhood bestie (and conveniently next door neighbour) came round and we had our beach towels at the ready.
My trampoline, once an initial buy for fun exercise, now makes a great sun lounger :D So I had my no factor Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil (or 'the cooking oil' for short) smothered on my legs in a desperate attempt to obtain some colour.
I even invested in a paddling pool to cool off :P At £10 it was a total bargain!
Also it gives me an excuse to make the most of my sunglasses obsession :) I have obtained a fair few over this year :/ Accessorize had a great sale on a few weeks ago where i brought two pairs that were each £3 :) oopsie! But I loveeee them :)
I've been pretty busy this week again sorting out odds and ends for when I move out next week but I've tried to make the most of the sunshine.
Here's my mani for this week...I thought I'd try out the florals and stripes. I used the Models Own lilac and pink again (my two favourite colours). My white nail art pen has started to get a bit gloopy so I just used an old paint brush and the Models Own white nail varnish for the stripes. For the flowers I just blobbed on the colour in a wiggly circle (sorry for my shocking descriptive skills) and then I used a darker shade nail art pen to add the details.
Hope you like :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi guys,
I've been a busy bee this past week :) I had my last shift at work on Sunday which was sad :( I love my Sunday people, it's just the three of us and it's always more relaxed :) They brought me flowers and a thorntons chocolate champaign bottle :) bless them!

So now I've just been preparing for the move out to uni! I've got sooo much stuff :| I think my parents are keen to get rid of me haha! I'm excited to move out but I don't think I'm going to enjoy the lack of money I will have :( no more new shoes and hand bags. Sad sad times!

Well I haven't had time to do anything spectacular with my nails this week so I thought I'd show you and old mani I did using Models Own pink and purple. I used a tooth pick to create the little dots :) I liked this mani because it's not very often I have a different pattern on each nail (it's just a bit crazzzyy for me :p) but I think the pastel colour tone it down a little :)

Anywayssss I hope you like it :)