Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Daisy crazy!


So my exams are finally over!! 🎉🎉 
I just have my work placement to do and then I am free for the summer! 

Things have been crazy, revising, doing work and juggling all my other commitments so hopefully now I'll be able pay a bit more attention to my blog :) 

The sun is shining today which means I can finally wear some of my new summer purchases!! 

Here's my outfit of the day...
I know I've got the sunglasses on in doors but I just wanted to show them off because they are so sassy! ;) 

So the skirt I love! It's very nearly a skater style but it's nice and floaty and so doesn't stick out at the hips. I'm in love with daisies at the moment so the print speaks for itself, plus it goes with my accessorise necklace :) The skirt is from forever 21 (my fave shop!) and was only £12.75 which I think is a steal. 
The shirt (also from forever 21) and vest (NewLook) I've had a while but I think they go together pretty well :) 

Now these sunglasses! I have a weakness when it comes to sunglasses and the more interesting the better. These Jeepers Peepers from Asos I adore! They were reduced in the sale too :) 

So yeah :) that's my OOTD. What prints are you looking out for this summer? Are you waiting for warmer weather to wear something you've had tucked away? Let me know :) I love reading your comments.


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LOVE this look :) So pretty xxx