Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas! Sorry I'm late :)

Hi guyss :)
Haven't posted in a while I've been busy busy over Christmas. I went to London the week before Christmas, a nice treat from the boyfriend :), it was great and amazing. We did lots of touristy stuff and loadddss of shopping :D
And, not to let an opportunity pass me by, I did some London themed nails with a hint of Christmas :D
My little finger nail broke the day i did this which is why i had to just cover it in glitter. Its safe to say I'm no artistic wonder but I think they are pretty cool :) and the lady in Oxford Street Lush also liked them haha she got so distracted by them she had to ask me to repeat what I'd said :P

I hope you all had a great Christmas :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

"Baby its cold outside"

Hi guys!!
More Christmas themed nails!! :) I've found that my white nail art pen tends to chip very easily so I've had to re-do my sisters nails, which resulted in a new Christmas nail art post :D what more could you want on this chilly Thursday evening :)
Here goes....

:) I love this. The thumb penguin looks a bit gloppy because of the camera flash, I ensure it looks much cuter in real life :P I am really enjoying these festive manis :D
I'd also like to say I'm really enjoying seeing everyone elses Christmas nail art :) Its where I get my inspiration from so thanks you guys :)

Sooo what do you think? Cute huh?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.."

Hi guysss,
First of all I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for your nice comments and for reading :)
It's nice to know people out there are enjoying what I post :)

Anyway here are some more of my Christmas nail art...
This first design is on my sisters nails,

I used Barry M Silver Foil Instant Effects for the snowman base coat.
I really love this mani! I love how the trees turned out and the snow man :) Even if I did get a fair amount of polish on her fingers lol I still love it :) It did take a long time though, waiting for each colour to dry before adding the next.

This next one I did on my own nails, it was a heck of a lot quicker and really easy :)

  •  I used Models Own Becca's Brown for the base coat.
  • Added the white icing with a thin brush.
  • Then I added the holly detail.
  • Finally I added gold glitter on top of the brown just to get it a bit of sparkle
So guys what'cha think?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

"Won't You Light My Sleigh Tonight!"

Hi guysss :)
As promised here's some more Christmas nail art, and if you didn't guess by the title these are reindeer based :)
First I did my own nails with a simple design & it gave me a chance to use my new Barry M limited edition glitter.
I think I might have been a little bit drawn in by the sparkly lid because the nail varnish is just like any other glitter polish :\ never mind :)
I painted the accent nail white and added the reindeer design on top, then added some silver glitter to the background.
(These didn't last long because I smudged Rudolph's nose :\ )

My second attempt was on my sisters nails, she let me go all out on hers :P

For her nails I used a white base coat, added the design, then I added some red glitter to the nose and a shinny metallic glitter to the white. The glitter and shine doesn't really show up on the photo though, they look very festive in person, I promise :)

I added a cute simple Christmas tree to the thumb but the flash on my camera has made half of it disappear
You'll have to use your imagination lol

So guys what'cha think?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

'Tis The Season :D

Hi guyss
:) eekkk I'm so excited for Christmas!! My 14 year old sister told me she was worried about my mental stability yesterday while I decorated my room :| but I don't care :D
Anyway! I've been itching to do some Christmas nail art and here is my first attempt...

Little bit messy I know but hey ho! I used Models Own Red Alert and Gold Rush.
Oh heres a little bargain for you, at the minute in Boots if you buy any two Models Own products you get Gold Rush FREE!! I'm a sucker for freebie :)

For you regular readers, you'll know I recently discovered the wonders of Lush.
Well I thought I'd treat myself :) After all it is Christmas :P
I brought two things from their Christmas range...

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar - £2.95

Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £1.95

I can't wait to use them :D
So guys, what you think?

Friday, 2 December 2011

Just a Quick One - Nail Art

Hi guys :)
Just a quick one about a couple of nail designs I've done this week...
First, I painted my mom some brown and gold tips
And I added a little flower pattern to the ring finger :) (which she soon smudged -.-)

AND.. here's my attempt at some classic acid wash denim
I got in a little bit of a mess :P But heres how I did it...
  • I used Barry M Navy for the base coat and waited for it to dry
  • Then I added a white coat on top and waited for it to dry
  • Once it was dry I took a cotton bud, dipped it in nail varnish remover and gently rubbed it over the white coat.
  • I removed more white is some places to create the effect
  • TIP dont rub too hard because you dont want to take the blue off too.
  • Wait until its all finished and add a good clear coat.
Simple :) So what you think?