Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas! Sorry I'm late :)

Hi guyss :)
Haven't posted in a while I've been busy busy over Christmas. I went to London the week before Christmas, a nice treat from the boyfriend :), it was great and amazing. We did lots of touristy stuff and loadddss of shopping :D
And, not to let an opportunity pass me by, I did some London themed nails with a hint of Christmas :D
My little finger nail broke the day i did this which is why i had to just cover it in glitter. Its safe to say I'm no artistic wonder but I think they are pretty cool :) and the lady in Oxford Street Lush also liked them haha she got so distracted by them she had to ask me to repeat what I'd said :P

I hope you all had a great Christmas :)


Lydz said...

great job! sorry about the breakage :( those are so bad.

Ashesela said...

These are so cute!! :D Sorry to hear about the broken nail; that is such a bummer! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas too! :D

Nail Reflections said...

I love it! The little tree is so cute!

Sandra said...

Super awesome mani! :)