Friday, 5 April 2013

Missguided mayhem!

Hi guys,

I have had the worst online shopping experience with, so I am writing this blog to warn you all and vent my frustration.
It was my first order from missguided, I'd always seen positive posts on twitter and heard they had a good range of dresses so for my birthday my boyfriend treated my to two really nice dresses. I ordered them either the Tuesday 15th of January with next day delivery (which was a right price). As I ordered them in the evening I thought the dresses might not arrive until the Thursday, which was fine as I'd planned to wear them on the Saturday. But no, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, still no dresses. So I had to spend the whole of Saturday racing round town trying to find something to wear, as I'd left all my nice clothes at uni.

This was disappointing enough but when my dresses were finally delivered, Monday morning, no one was in so a notice was posted through the door claiming the delivery was in a 'safe place'.  A safe place yes, with a neighbour maybe? No no, on my OPEN driveway, which is opposite a park where kids play, underneath my dads motor bike! Needless to say the delivery was not there when I went to retrieve it. My area isn't the nicest, if its not nailed down it will get up an wonder away.

I was sooo annoyed. We spent the first couple of days ringing the number on the package, spending hours n hours trying to get through.

We emailed missguided explaining what had happened and asked for a refund as I no longer needed to dresses after having to go out and replace them. They replied a few days later saying they would have to investigate the matter, over THREE WEEKS! Oh and that they dont have a number to call :/ Ohhhh so annoying.

Well a few weeks later they replied saying that they believed the delivery was left in a safe place and they would only issue me with a credit note -.- If it was up to me I wouldn't order another thing from that damned site.

I only had until April to use the money so I finally ordered a pair of jeans. When they arrived I found that the zipper was broken -.- so I emailed them about a return. It took a few days to get a reply but they sent me a Freepost label so I went out the same day to return the item. I posted them on the 26th of march. I was told that I would be emailed as soon as they received my package.

7 days later still no email. So I checked the tracking status, delivered. So I emailed them again asking what was going on and they said they MAY have had my package but it could take up to 15 days to process it. Erghh!

It's so frustrating. It's not just all this but every email goes to a different person, so it's like they couldn't careless. Its been a massive faff from start to finish.

They spend all day long retweeting 'happy' customers with their pretty dresses and what not, but when I tweet them with my concerns, several times, I was ignored.

If I do ever receive my jeans this will be the one and only item from missguided as they are appalling.

So just a little warning to you all, if you have had any issues like this I'd like to hear them.