Friday, 2 December 2011

Just a Quick One - Nail Art

Hi guys :)
Just a quick one about a couple of nail designs I've done this week...
First, I painted my mom some brown and gold tips
And I added a little flower pattern to the ring finger :) (which she soon smudged -.-)

AND.. here's my attempt at some classic acid wash denim
I got in a little bit of a mess :P But heres how I did it...
  • I used Barry M Navy for the base coat and waited for it to dry
  • Then I added a white coat on top and waited for it to dry
  • Once it was dry I took a cotton bud, dipped it in nail varnish remover and gently rubbed it over the white coat.
  • I removed more white is some places to create the effect
  • TIP dont rub too hard because you dont want to take the blue off too.
  • Wait until its all finished and add a good clear coat.
Simple :) So what you think?


Nail Reflections said...

I love your mom mani! White wash looks like rapids.

Ashesela said...

Wow, the brown/gold one is gorgeous (and my fave)!!! I really like it! :D

Lydz said...

i love the color combinations. this is gorgeous! and great idea with the denim wash...i will try this sometime. thanks for sharing with us!