Thursday, 21 February 2013

First Sale! One Step Closer...

Hi guys,

I've sold my first bracelets :D just to family and friends but I'm so excited because it means I'm a little closer to Africa! My two sisters, my nan and my cousin have each brought a bracelet :)

Here are some examples of finished bracelets....

I am waiting for more beads to finish the dog theme and reptile theme bracelet :) because of Chinese new year, the deliveries have slowed down but some smaller bracelets arrived today so hopefully it will pick up again. The smaller ones are more suited for kiddies or people with tiny wrists haha!

The ones with less beads will be a little cheaper. My nan and cousin had double the beads on theirs so they offered to pay the extra which was nice :) All the money for these bracelets will go straight into my Africa fund. As soon as there is a free fees weekend on ebay these little beauties will go up and you guys will be the first to know :)

hope you like them :D

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