Saturday, 23 February 2013

And They're Up!! eBay a Go-Go!!

Hi guys!

Finally got a couple of bracelets up on eBay! I've just put the two on for a trail run (+ I'm running low on bracelets as all the family have been buying them :D )

This listing is for 10 days, so hopefully after that the rest of my beads and bracelets will have arrived  and I can really get the ball rolling!

Feel free to have a browse :)
All the money for these bracelets is going towards me volunteering at Moholoholo wildlife rehabilitation centre in Africa, where I will be helping to look after orphaned or injured animals. So its all for a good cause!

Please feel free to mention my ebay page on your own blogs as it would really help me out if you spread the word. (I'll do a thank you blog for all of those who do).

Any comments or advice is always appreciated :D

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