Thursday, 19 January 2012

Paws Up!

Hi guysss,
As I said in my earlier post I went to see Ed Sheeran on Tuesday.
Well my boyfriend brought us some bands from the merch stand and I was looking at them today and I just couldn't resist doing a mani to match :)
I used Barry M Black and Bright Orange....
Half way through doing the orange paws I realised they were upside down -.-
But I carried on just to take some photos for you guys...

This was a really quick mani, it took me about 10 minutes,
granted I did only do the one hand because of them being upside down -.-
I had planned to leave it on as it matched my sequin fox jumper pretty well...
But what can you do :)
Well that's my quick post for today.
Hope you like them :)


Ashesela said...

Your nails are so cute!! :D Also, that jumper is fantastic! XD

Nail Reflections said...

Love your nails!

Polish and Charms said...

Looks cute!