Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tropical Stamps

Hi guyss,
Just a quick one today,
I had another crack at stamping on my sisters nail. I decided to do some sponging to just because its really easy and pretty effective :)

Here's what I used...

  • I used the Barry M Yellow for the base coat
    (which like most Barry M paints took several coats)
  • I then sponged on the orange, working from the tip up,
  • Once that had dried I sponged on the pink just at the tip.
  • I used the Barry M black for the stamps,
    however, the watery consistency isn't that great for stamping...
I used three different stamps on this mani,
  • The  palm tree on the ring finger,
  • A large tropical flower on the thumb,
  • And some smaller flowers on the other fingers.
I like the colours and sponging on these but again the stamps did not come out as bold as I hoped.
I really think I am going to have to get some decent stamp varnishes :|
So there we are :)
Hope you like...


Beautyshades said...

Pretty colours. I like barry m nail polishes a lot. They are so pigmented.

Ashesela said...

This is so fun and summery!! :D

osxg33kgirl said...

Uh wow I love this.. I have to try this =D

Polish and Charms said...

Very pretty!

Nail Reflections said...

This is so pretty!