Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Attempt - Nail stamps

Hi guyss :)
My nail stamp came in the post this week, and I couldn't wait to give it a go so I just had a quick little practise. Here's how it went...
First I just added any old stamp over Barry M Foil Effect silver... you can't really see alot from the flash :/
but it wasn't too bad considering I've never used them before :)
I used an image from a M72 image plate...

I was going out Friday night so I decided to do quick stamp on my thumb and ring finger, and add a bit of sparkle to the rest using my Models Own glitter :)

I used the Barry M black as a base for all the nails, then i added the Barry M glitter and Models Own Glitter
to all nails apart from the thumb and ring finger...

(I did clean up the mess on them once they had dried but I was tired lol)
I used the Models Own white for the stamp, but it didn't really stand out once I put the clear coat on.
So this was my first attempt, not to bad. I need some practise, good job I live with 3 other females :)
Soo Question Time...
What are the best nail varnishes to use with the stamp plates?
I have lots of Barry M and Models Own, are these any good generally?
And my scraper seems to scratch the plates, is this normal?


Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

You did great! I love stamping!

Ashesela said...

These are so pretty!!! :D Wonderful job! :D

Nail Reflections said...

Awesome job! Keeping the scraper straight and even will help with the scratching. But not take it away completely.