Monday, 20 August 2012

Just Another Mani Monday!

Hi guys :)
I had a fab weekend down in Weymouth, eating fish and chips and walking round the arcades. The B&B that we found last minute was gorgeous. Really nice and clean.

Well it's back to the wild ways of Wolverhampton. In tribute, I thought I would show you a few leopard print manis that I have don't over the year.

I'm not sure what order these photos will show up in because I'm using the iPhone blogger app, but here goes.

First up, blue and yellow leopard. Both models own colours with the nail art pen for detail.

Second, I used models own lilac for the base coat then sponged on a mint green half way up the nail. Once it had dried I used the nail art pen for the leopard detail.

Finally, gold funky! I used Barry M metallic gold for the base coat, then just splodged on a bright blue and pink polish for the spots, which I then went round with the nail art pen to create the leopard effect.

Hope you like :)
Let me know which is your favourite.


Zoe Amelia said...

These are so so cool!
Thanks for following and commenting on my blog :) I'm following you back and have sent you a request on Twitter too xx

Amy said...

Aww thanks :)