Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Bit of Glits!

Hi guys,
I love glitter polishes because they are so quick and easy to do but look just that little bit more special :)
So today for a quick post I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite glitters.

This first glitter polish I picked up in body care for 99p! I used it over a navy blue that I had and I really like the outcome :) The make of the polish is Technic and it's called Carnival. It's a nice glitter with lots of bright colours in it, and it goes on really well too :)

The OPI polish is from the muppets collect, which my sisters friend kindly gave to me :) Its Divine Swine over Pepe's Purple Passion (which is more red than purple but hey ho). I really like this combo, and it lasts foreverrrr! It didn't even chip!

Finally, I love Models Own Ibiza Mix! It's got lots of different coloured glitters in it so it goes great over most colours. I love it over this Barry M deep purple for a quick night out look, or over a light peach for a more summery style :)

Let me know which ones your favourite :)

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