Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Show Your Spots For Children In Need!

Hi Guyss!!
This Fridays its Children In Need and I'm very much into the spirit of it this year, we do a lot of fundraising for CIN where I work :)
Soooo seen as the opportunity for themed nails came up I thought I'd give it a go :)
This is such an easy design and I found it dried very quickly :) I used the CIN wrist band I brought for inspiration. Here's how I did it...
  • I started with a white base coat, and waited for it to dry.
  • Then I added the yellow and red dots, the two traditional colours for CIN.
    If your in a hurry you could leave it at that. 
  • I then added the blue and green, filling in the gaps :)
Here's what I used for the spots...
So what'cha think?
P.S. I'm still open to any tips about blog editing and layouts :) all help much appreciated


Nail Reflections said...

I love this! Great dotting job!

laura♥ said...

wow, both these are fantastic <3