Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Effects Nail Polish!

Hi guys!
Some have you might have seen the offer on 17 products in Boots. If you buy any two 17 products you get a free gift which includes a liquid eye liner, lip gloss, and a silver glittery eye shadow. Very nice for a freebie!

Well I took advantage of this little offer and I brought two new effect nail varnishes; magnetized silver and a black and gold glitter crackle paint.

I'd read about the magnetized nail varnish on a few US blogs and was itching to give it ago, but getting some shipped over would have been wayyy too much on my student budget! Then Nails Inc brought out their version which was over a tenner, which was still pretty pricey but when I saw this one for only £6 I soon snapped it up. And I am pretty impressed with the results. I had a quick play with it but I'll put some photos up next time I use it.
I picked the crackle paint because I like the addition of the glitter, and I thought it would be nice for some Christmas styles. I tested it out with the Barry M Foil Effects silver.

I like the out come, the flash of the camera doesn't show off the glitter very much. I think next time I'd try it with the gold foil effect base instead, to highlight the gold glitter.

So all in all some nice buys :)
What'cha think?

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