Saturday, 24 September 2011

Animal Craazzy SpiritHoods

Hi guys,
I've recently come across these cute 'snood-like' things called SpiritHoods. I personally think they are really cute but I'm a little unsure whether they are just a tiny bit eccentric.
They come in a range of different designs, Wolf, Bear, Panda, Leopard, even an Owl.

They are quirky little things that come with their own 'personality'. For example the Wolf is Loyal, Social, Teacher. I also like the fact that when you buy SpiritHoods with the ProBlue logo, a percentage of it goes to non-profit organisations trying to help animals such as wolves, polar bears and snow leopards.

SpiritHoods seem to be growing in popularity with many celebs...

They seem to be making it pretty well in America but we Brits are a little bit more subtle and I think if i walked down the road with a wolf on my head, I might just get a few odd looks. On the other hand I really do like them :) I might just embrace the quirkyness!

I have a feeling these might start becoming more and more popular in the UK as they have recently made it onto and Riverisland have come up with their own take on the animal hoods...

There is one little problem...getting one.I know I have mentioned that Asos sell SpiritHoods, but they only stock four different ones, compared to the dozen on the SpiritHood website. And I'm a try-before-I-buy kinda girl, so I don't really feel all that comfortable forking out one hundered smackers for a hat I might not wear :\
I do really love them but I just can't make up my mind :\
So what'cha think? Any comments are appreciated :)


lucyclark;D said...

aww cute!

Emily said...

I love this idea, I'd love to get an owl one. So cute xxx