Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Just A Few Things :)

Hi everyone,
Few things I'm going to mention today, this weeks edition of Look and More! mag and an online shopping experience that you should watch out for.
First things first I love the True Blood special in Look this week :) my favourite TV show, and it doesn't get as much hype as the likes of Twilight, so it was a nice change.
The Trend Of The Week article was a little odd. Not only do we have to go out and buy bags in every size, colour, pattern and fabric you can imagine, but we now have to be conscious of how we hold them :\ I always thought that's what the handles were there for, but look at me being all conventional.
However, I really enjoyed the story "These Women Earn £50K..." It gave me a little bit of hope that if all fails at uni, there is other ways to make money :)

More! magazine delivered again this week. I always look forward to reading Men Overheard, (my boyfriend usually has a sneaky read too aha) My favourite this week was about the "casual chicken".
The High Street Edit this week featured Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Pens, which I very nearly brought myself a few days ago. My advice to anyone who wants to experiment in nail art, hit ebay! I know I've been raving on about my Models Own pen, and it is great, but I've manage to pick up 80! colours on ebay for £23! The Fulerton pens are only £3.99 each which is cheaper that the Models Own £6 but they only come in three different colours. So if your looking to experiment, you can get sets of 24 pens for just under a tenner!
Also in More! I really enjoyed the "It's Show Time..." feature. It's not very often you get a underwear feature in glossy mags, and I can personally vouch for one of their choices on "It's Black & White". I have the Ann Summers set myself and they are amazing! Well worth the money.

Finally, to both magazines, I enjoyed seeing someone new on the cover! Its usually Cheryl Cole or Rhianna.

Now, I'm going to grumble a little. I received an email Sunday night informing me that Monday would be the last day of the Dorothy Perkings extra 20% off sale items, so I decided to make use of it. I brought three tops which arrived Tuesday. When they got here they were too big, so I wanted to exchange them. After scowering the website, there was no option for me to exchange the items, only return them. So I thought right I'll go in store and ask them. Nope! I was told I'd have to get a refund and buy them again online. Well after paying £5 delivery, and the fact that the extra 20% off had ended I'd be loosing out more money if I brought them again. So now I don't have any new tops and I've paid £5 for the privilege -.- cheers.
So my advice would be to double check returns and exchange policys before buying online.
Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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